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What Should You Look for In A Dedicated WordPress Developer?


Are you looking forward to creating a business website using WordPress? Several companies use this CMS primarily because it is easy to operate and affordable. But DIY website building ideas is not as attractive as you think. If you have never used this tool for building a website, hiring a developer makes sense. A developer knows every aspect of WordPress and can get your site up and running quickly.

Apart from this, a dedicated WordPress developer you hire will add functionalities to your site, fix the glitches and implement the updates. If you want to add custom menus, forms, or animations to your site, it will make your brand stand out from the rest. But finding the right developer is a trying time for every business. The problem intensifies due to a gamut of talents available today. Therefore, if you know what skills to look for in a WordPress developer, it will be easier for you to pick the right person.

What do dedicate WordPress developers do?

WordPress developers are engaged in the following tasks.

  • Dedicated time and resources solely for your website development project
  • Offer the flexibility of working full-time or part-time based on the project
  • Are updated with the latest technologies and help in achieving success quickly
  • Scale up the business and save money on project development with dedicated resources
  • Offer the expertise of development at fraction of a cost
  • Creation of business websites
  • Building e-commerce stores
  • Develop plugin

What should you look for in a WordPress developer?

There are several things to look for when hiring a WordPress developer? Here are the skills to research when hiring a web development team.

·        Knowledge of technology

WordPress is a PHP-based tool but that does not mean that hiring a PHP coder will suffice. It will be a bad decision to implement. For a developer to complete a project successfully, you need to pick someone with a sound technical knowledge and experience. Therefore, the developer needs to have a thorough knowledge of HTML, MySQL, and CSS and not just PHP.

·        Understand the template hierarchy of WordPress

In WordPress development, pages are stacked together to display files containing templates. Each file containing the templates display different parts of the web page and make up for the entire content present in the individual pages. The expert you hire should have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the hierarchy of templates.

·        Hanker for knowledge

When you hire a custom WordPress development company, be sure to choose a team that has the quest for knowledge to apply the customizations when needed. That is because only those dedicated resources know how to adapt to the fast pace of the tech world. Are the team updated with the current trends? Without the thirst of knowledge, the developer you hire won’t execute things well even though it may initially look so.

·        Website protection and security

Just because the dedicated WordPress resources pledge to develop the site seamlessly, does not mean that it will be free from hassles. From XSS or cross-site scripting attack, theft of password, or SQL injection, threat to the website may come in various shapes and forms. If the developer you hire does not have the level of knowledge, they won’t know how to safeguard your site from hacking and phishing, resulting in enormous loss of revenue and data. So, when you need a professional, do not overlook such aspects.

·        Communicate effectively

Communication is the key when it comes to WordPress development. With an array of websites mushrooming every day, your business may lose the chance to stand out. If you have clients from different geographical regions, make sure the developer knows how to communicate effectively and never underestimate this skill.

·        Offer services within budget

Hiring a developer is not just about assessing their skills but they need to keep in mind the budgeting aspects as well. If the developer understands the significance of the budget limits, it will impact the delivery and the deadline of the project positively. One of the most crucial parts of hiring a WordPress development company India is their ability to work within a specific budget.

·        Create appropriate plugins

Often, sites need to switch themes and you want the changes on the site to stay with the help of specific plugins. Those plugins are useful when you need to extend or edit a plugin that is already there. Make sure the web development outsourcing company you hire knows how to make those customizations. Digital Concepts is your proven partner in India when it comes to WordPress web development. With years of experience, we support clients across diverse industries.

These are a few essential skills you must look for when hiring a WordPress developer. It might not be easy to find someone who has the blend of all these qualities, but getting experienced developers should help you manage the projects effortlessly.

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