how to learn seo

5 Simple Steps How to Learn SEO


Most people are enthusiastic about how to learn SEO & also about new ways of digital marketing, and SEO is one of those ways. Learning SEO isn’t easy, because of the technical terms and tools attached to it. Individuals would look for online courses or crash courses in SEO;

How to Learn SEO 5 Easy Steps

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Learn free SEO.

1. Books In Libraries

The first simple step to learn about SEO is by browsing the local libraries. Individuals can find a lot of information about SEO in one place, or in one book, and they can benefit from the book by taking it home or reading it in the library.

A book is particularly helpful, as it has examples in it, and individuals can use it to practically implement the concepts which they have learned. There are many reference books that individuals can find in libraries, and learn about SEO.

how to learn SEO

2. The Internet

The internet is a vast place, and it is the best way for individuals to learn about SEO. There are many websites that offer information for beginners, and they have proper guides so that the readers don’t get confused. Individuals can find out e-books online or websites, which only publish articles about SEO. Some websites have a chat option, which individuals can use and get help from an online assistant, right away.

The benefit of having an online guide for SEO is that online guides can be downloaded and carried around. People don’t have to be in the same place to learn about SEO, and while they are learning about it on one tab, they can practically implement it on another tab. Online guides have pictures and infographics to further help people make sense of SEO and the technical terms associated with it.


3. Blogs & Forums

There are many SEO experts who write blogs and share their experiences with other people. For example, Neil Patel has a blog where he writes about SEO related issues and has a complete guide about SEO. These blogs, use plain and simple language, which makes it easier for people to understand what they are saying. Moreover, every SEO expert who writes a blog shares screenshots of actual SEO implementation, and this can be very helpful for beginners. For example, if a blog is talking about Google Analytics, then it will share screenshots showing users how Google Analytics can be used to measure SEO performance, like organic traffic.

Online forums are where people discuss problems with each other. For example, Quora is an online forum where people post questions, and those who have knowledge about those questions, they answer them. Beginners can learn more about SEO through forums because other beginners post their questions there as well.

4. Practical Implementation

It might not be easy for SEO beginners to develop a website on their own, which is why they can start with a blog. They can make a blog on WordPress, write articles and posts, and see if their articles get any traffic. When a beginner makes his own blog and tries to implement SEO guidelines, then he would learn by making mistakes and gaining experience.

Beginners should write about topics that they fully understand and know about. They shouldnt pick tricky or technical topics, and can pick things like movies or books. If they are interested in any of the two fields, then they can easily find people with the same interests. When a beginner establishes a blog, he would be able to learn about keywords, how they are used in articles, and how to engage users.

5. Events Related To SEO

If beginners want to listen to experts talk about SEO, then they should look for events that are arranged in their area. They might find an SEO expert scheduled to talk about SEO, how businesses can use SEO effectively to grow, and, tips that new SEO experts can use. Such talks often have a question and answer session, which would be very helpful for beginners, as they can ask about their concerns and the difficulties they face when they are working with SEO.

Those, who are experts in SEO, attend events held by other experts, to learn more concepts and trends of the years. This means that a beginner would be able to directly talk to such experts after the event ends.

To fully understand and make use of SEO, these simple steps would help beginners learn a lot about their area of expertise; they can be copywriters or SEO researchers.

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