Importance Of Customer Reviews And Feedback In Your Website Ranking (SEO)

Importance Of Customer Reviews And Feedback In Your Website Ranking (SEO)

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When talking about SEO and website ranking words such as keywords, content, and link building comes to mind. But there are many other factors that affect the SEO ranking. One of the most important ones is customer reviews and feedback. Before buying a product online don’t you look for the reviews of the people who have already tried it, to know whether it’s worth buying or not? Customer reviews get your website a very strong position in ranking as well as in gaining visitors’ trust.

Following are a few points that discuss the benefits of customer reviews on your SEO ranking .

Reviews and feedback helps to improve user experience (UX)

The primary motive for all Search engines and why they rank websites is obviously they want their searchers and users best possible results for their searches. Nearly all the guidelines and policies of search engines focused on user experience (UX). They want websites to give their users the best UX and rate them accordingly. Reviews have a huge impact on UX. A website that is highly rated or has positive reviews from users, is considered more reliable and reputed. This reflects on their SERP as well. It impacts both your Local SEO searches and many consider it to affect your normal SEO rankings too. Even a customer is more likely to trust or has faith in those products and services which are having some positive reviews or feedback. Take your example; will you buy a product with 1 star and negative reviews or a product with 5 star and positive reviews?


Highlights your keywords more

When customers are giving reviews and feedback on your products they are actually adding some more descriptions and details about your keyword. Google sees it as more content on your website; anything associated with your keywords will give Google a better understanding of your products. It can also help in highlighting your keywords naturally. Some reviews and feedback might help you with free long-tail keywords. Google recognizes it and gets clear and more information about your product and services. This plays a great role in upgrading your ranking.

It is also a good way to keep your website updated in the eyes of Google. Every review by customers means more content added up on the website.


Giving responses to the customer’s feedback

It is important for a business to acknowledge the reviews of its customers by responding to them. It shows the customer that you are concerned about them and you are valuing their opinions. This is also encouraged by Google in Google My Business Help. It’s not important to always have a positive review from the customer but with the help of responding to the customer, you can totally change their point of view. This will help you in building a strong reputation and improve your ranking.




As we already know a successful SEO strategy needs to be oriented towards the user experience. Reviews are great features to add to increase it positively. It creates a bond and trust between you and your customers. Don’t be afraid of a few negative feedback; use it to improve your products and services.


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