15+ Best Amazon Product Research Tools Free & Paid

15+ Best Amazon Product Research Tools Free & Paid


Let’s Discus Best Amazon Product Research Tools. 

1. Jungle Explorer:

jungle scout

  • Unlock your Amazon potential with Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension, the leading product research seller analytics tool Get real-time sales, estimates competitor data

If you need to pay attention to this question, it could be due to the lack of Jungle Scout, the best platform that many users rate as the best Amazon product research tool out there.

For new sellers, we provide the Opportunity Finder tool, which you can use to find keywords with high demand and low competition. Product trackers provide information on annual and seasonal sales for each product, as well as comprehensive filters such as historical sales, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, and opportunity scores. You can also use the Academy function to access a selection of tutorials and instructions.

For existing sellers, it provides an extension tool to improve your product ranking by getting more reviews for each listing. You can also request a review directly through the Jungle Scout platform.

2. Helium 10:

helium 10

Acclaimed by many users, Helium 10 offers a number of tools to help Amazon sellers.

Helium 10’s features are codenamed to better keep track of the data stored in various areas such as inventory, sales, and keyword searches.

3. SellerApp:

seller app

  • Seller App’s Smart Data helps for Amazon Growth, Calculate Profits, PPC Campaigns, In-depth Keywords Product Research, Analyze Competition and more

If you want a robust all-in-one tool that goes beyond just finding products, you need to dig deep into the seller’s app.

The platform combines many functions that make your life easier. When it comes to marketing, the seller app has a lot to offer. With market research tools, you can use Advanced Product Intelligence to find potential products with less competition. It collects more than 300 million data points per day to provide in-depth analysis of sales and revenue estimates, ratings, ratings, and more.

Everything here is data-driven so you can make informed decisions about products in stock. Find out what your competitors are doing to improve your keyword and trend strategy. With 135 million+ keyword databases, you can improve the SEO of any product listing. You can also set up notifications to notify you of price changes for the product being displayed.

Additionally, the sales tools include a pay-per-click (PPC) tool, a keyword tracker that allows you to see your listing rank, and an Amazon listing optimizer that you can use to see the quality of your product listings. You can use these tools to customize your list to increase sales.

4. IO Scout:

io scout

With access to data for more than 150 million Amazon products, IO Scouts is arguably one of the leading tools that look forward to Amazon product research and market data.

With IO Scout you can instantly collect data on previous sales, reviews, ratings, expected price changes, inventory status, and more of your product. The platform offers the possibility to follow preferred products with the help of bookmarks. Check the items to update the data every hour.

In addition, you can create product groups and monitor them frequently for information on competitor sales and price changes. Product groups can also help you find a specific niche to invest in.


Much information about the performance of the product that was disseminated many years ago is stored in this database. IO scouts can better identify potential trends by knowing what market activities have taken place in the past. This information gives traders the advantage of staying ahead of the curve and identifying trends before they actually occur.

5. Viral Launch:

viral launch

  • Viral Launch – Sell Successfully on Amazon
  • Viral Launch is your key to success Amazon, offering products that help businesses become dominant forces in the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace

Selling a product full-time on Amazon can take up most of your day and doesn’t count the work it takes to complete the product yourself. You need something to reduce your workload. It could be a viral release.

6. Unicornsmasher:


  • Download Your FREE Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers Quickly Find the Perfect Niche, Gauge Your Competition, and Estimate Your Sales  

A large number of Amazon sellers are often faced with data flood issues. With so much information to organize, you could lose something important during the Amazon product research phase.

The dashboard provided by Unicorn Smasher shows all product-related data in an easy-to-read format. From there, you can quickly navigate to a specific product and learn more about its performance.


We also offer opportunity reviews to find out which products are likely to sell on Amazon. In addition, you can get real-time data updates such as prices, ranks, ratings, and reviews.

You can use the Unicorn Smasher integrated into AMZ Tracker to get information about a list of other products.

7. AMZ Scout:


When some big brands and manufacturers already have the products they want to sell, it can be difficult for them to get interested in what they bring to the market.

AMZScout specializes in helping traders identify important trends. Once you find a niche that is gaining a lot of traction, you can use the tools provided by the platform to see if it can be done. We can also help you out by letting you know which other sellers are inspecting a particular niche.

In addition, AMZ Scout gives you access to Google trend data analysis, FBA costs and cost information, product sales forecasts, listed product quality and more.

8. Sonar:


Sonar was developed by Serix and enables users to search a database of more than 74 million keywords. With Sonar you can improve the organic ranking of certain keywords or optimize your PPC advertising campaign.

The first is standard keyword search, which lets you enter keywords and get suggestions that match keywords with common search terms. If the keyword is “Magento2”, the suggestion includes “Magento2 eBooks” and “Online Magento2 Development Course”.

The second option is the advanced search. It is based on a keyword search but also adds synonyms and related terms.

The last option is a reverse ASIN search. With this option, you can simply enter the ASIN to see which keywords are ranked. This means you can see what your competitors are doing and even copy keywords with high search volume scores.

9. AmazeOwl:


  • Find, evaluate and save your promising FBA Fulfilment By Amazon products all in one place Search Amazon for product ideas that will make you money Totally free!

As an underrated Amazon product research software, AmazeOwl can help sellers find their products and bring them to market. With this precise data, you can confidently introduce your winning product on Amazon.

This tool helps beginners create businesses that fit their schedules. This saves you a lot of time researching and developing product ideas. AmazeOwl supports over 4000 Amazon sellers, e.g. B. Find the first product every month and sell it on Amazon.

10. Keepa:


For many shoppers, price is the reason whether or not to buy a particular item. It blames online retailers for setting the right price points for the products they sell.

The situation is simple with the help of Keepa.

This tool will help you monitor Amazon’s short and long-term price trends. You can use it to see the price of your product on Amazon and use what you have learned to make your product more attractive. Keepa can also track prices at Amazon overseas locations.

In addition, Keepa will immediately alert you when a price drop occurs and trade is offered.

With the product finder and viewer, you can use financial categories and filters to streamline your search and research. You can also upload an extensive list of categorized products at once for side-by-side view of product information and details, historical prices, trend forecasts, and more.

In addition, this tool provides valuable information on the bestsellers and bestseller lists. By looking at the best-selling products in each category, you can dive into niches and capitalize on opportunities for future trends more efficiently.

11. Camelizer:


Like Keepa, Camel is focused on helping you identify price trends related to your target product.

This tool provides a chart of price data for millions of products sold on Amazon. You can view price history charts, search by category, install plugins, and receive price notifications.

Camel also has a browser extension that allows you to easily view price charts while browsing the product range. This extension is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users.

The service is free and should be a more attractive option for sellers. There are also ongoing blog posts with seller information as well as great customer service that is complemented by online user reviews.

12. Scientific seller:

Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Perhaps Scientific Seller is unique among Amazon’s keyword tools.

However, you don’t have to wait hours for keyword results. Suggestions will be available shortly. The tool keeps adding suggestions until you hit the pause button.

So how do you search for keywords using Scientific Seller?

You can start by entering a keyword or two in the search box and selecting the Amazon Marketplace where you want to generate keyword data. The free plan allows you to generate keyword suggestions for Amazon.com.

Also, note that Scientific Seller can only search 5 times a day. That might not sound like a lot, but it is still searched 35 times a week. This is not a bad thing as you are unlikely to be tweaking as many PPC campaigns or changing all of your lists at once. We also believe that the benefits of Seller Scientific exceed this limit as we can get a large number of keywords and suggestions for each search.

13. AMZBase:

amz base

AMZ is a recognized company and a recurring one

So for online retailers who offer free or paid subscriptions to give you access to more and more tools. AMZBase is a free resource and can be very useful if used effectively.

Since AMZBase itself is an all-in-one platform, you can search for product information and related products from the source, view ranking keywords, check past prices and much more. With the ASIN product, the platform grants access to this data within seconds.

14. Seller Labs:

Best Amazon Product Research Tools

  • Get started with the basics of using Scope in the Web App the Extension Learn how to find profitable keywords and track your products

Another effective Amazon keyword tool out there is Scope from Seller Labs.

The reach shows the highest ranked keywords for the article. This information can help improve Amazon’s search rank. In addition, it offers ASIN reverse lookups that can help you find average CPC bids, estimated sales by keyword, and other nifty details.

The tool also provides price, price, and sales quotes for product lists. You can do a comprehensive search or filter your search based on the number of sellers, reviews, star ratings, and sales rank. You can also use your profit calculator to determine what profit margins you can make on the products you want to sell on Amazon.

Finally, there is a Chrome extension that allows you to save products and keywords in a list. You can of course export the list in CSV format.

15. Professional cash cow:

Best Amazon Product Research Tools


Having information is useful, but running a business on Amazon may require more than just analyzing numbers.CashCowPro files for bankruptcy when it comes to the various functions of the toolbox.

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