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Transparent LCD Screens: a leading new technology that increases customer engagement.

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What is a Transparent LCD Screen?

A Transparent LCD Screen is an LCD Panel that has been manufactured specifically so it requires an external backlight to function. This manufacturing process means that Transparent LCD Screens create a see-through display once an external backlight is added, usually by using a Display Case with LED lighting inside. Once the Transparent LCD Display Case has been created and the backlight is providing light to the Transparent LCD, white colors are transparent and black colors are opaque.

Transparent LCD Screens
Figures 1 and 2: Transparent LCD Screen – before integration (left) and after integration (right)

Where can Transparent LCD Screens be used?

Transparent LCD Screens need integration into housing due to the need for the backlight. As these screens are available either as a panel for integration (figure 1) or as a complete finished solution (figure 2) the possibilities are endless. Transparent LCD Screens provide an innovative display solution opening up new ways for brands to promote their products and services. Examples include retail stores looking to advertise their latest fashion, items of clothing or accessories, Jewelers, presenting a new model of a watch or a museum securely housing a precious artifact. The only limitation behind Transparent LCD Screens is your imagination.

Transparent LCD Screens
Figure 3: Transparent LCD Screen used by Hugo Boss (left) and Valentino (right)

The benefits of Transparent LCD Screens?

Customers in many sectors utilize Transparent LCD Screens and overlay content about the item/product housed within the Display Case to talk about the item/product features. Transparent LCD Screens can also be made interactive allowing customers to engage directly and improve the response rate of marketing campaigns helping to drive sales and leading to higher ROIs for the product launch or event.

Brands such as Adidas and Nike have integrated Transparent LCD Screens into retail locations to help increase customer engagement and create excitement surrounding the brand. Transparent LCD Screens create the ‘WOW’ factor in retail locations, this then due to marketing and social media attract more people to the store who are drawn to the location by this new and unique digital installation. Currently, this technology is relatively new and definitely underused due to the current lack of understanding, but Transparent LCD Screens are a great way to advertise digitally. VISIONAIR-E is here to help educate you about this technology and can guide you through the best way to utilize Transparent LCD Screens.

Content is the key consideration when using Transparent LCD Screens and allows for stunning product reveals by highlighting areas on the screen, for example going from a full black background to spotlights of white that reveal products below is an effective way to capture your customers’ attention.

Transparent LCD Screens
Figure 4: Transparent LCD Screen used to present a new jet engine for an aeronautics company.

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