How to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

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Let’s share ideas ”How to Make Money on YouTube”.

YouTube is a great place to make a living. Personally, I have a channel with over 1,000,000 views and have made over $ 12,000. This is just YouTube’s advertising revenue.

1) Participate in the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP) and earn money with your ads:

This is the most common way for people to make money on YouTube.

The concept is very simple.

YouTube agrees that it can advertise before, during, or after the video. Just choose an easy-to-use ad placement type, click a few buttons and Google will take care of the rest.

To make the calculation easier, Netflix assumes you’re willing to pay $ 1 for your video placement.

When the viewer is shown the Netflix commercial, Google receives $ 0.45 and earns $ 0.55 on its affiliate account.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but if you’re getting thousands or hundreds of thousands of views every day, those numbers can be summed up.

2) Create a blog that compliments YouTube:

YouTube is a great way to build your brand if you want to grow your following, get more conversions, and grow your business revenue.

Additionally, as the second-largest search engine, YouTube is a great way to get your brand in front of your ideal audience and grow your audience in other areas as well.

Most importantly, blogs almost always outperform YouTube channels. This is because blogging is a platform that allows you to connect with viewers on a deeper and more personal level, e.g. B. by email.

In addition, blogs can show display ads, and affiliate links often have high CTR.

3) Create a faceless YouTube channel:

One of the ways my wife and I have found to make money online on YouTube is by creating a “theme channel” that I call.


When people think of having a YouTube channel, they imagine that they are a full-fledged video maker in front of a camera, recording and editing videos until their eyes are bleeding.

However, the idea here is very similar to what I do on a website, and it’s a very interesting business model.

Basically, you’re creating channels full of videos on a specific topic or topic, and when those videos are ranked on YouTube or recommended by an algorithm, you’re generating passive income from your ad views.

The best part is not to record the video yourself. Instead, it embeds content from other users who are legally entitled to use or comply with copyright law in order to develop the content of high quality and interest to the viewer.

4) Create and sell a course:

Another great way to make money on YouTube is by creating and selling digital courses. When you have the knowledge to share and can add great value to your followers, they will take your course to learn more about how you can improve their lives.

You can teach a wide range of topics such as fitness and health, personal development, digital marketing, specialist courses, and curricular courses.

There are many creators who have made it happen, including Meet Kevin, a well-known entrepreneur who runs a seven-figure business. He uses his YouTube videos extensively to lead viewers to an online educational program that teaches people how to invest and make money in real estate.

5) Affiliate Marketing:

You can’t always count on video ads to generate income on YouTube. The good news is that you can choose from other monetization methods like affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great idea when you have an affinity with your followers. Large marketing agencies are not entirely dependent on content sales channels. In many cases, it is more profitable for them to pay for YouTube channels that already have a strong following to promote their products.

So, if you already have a large following, affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your earning potential on this platform. But even with a small number of followers, effective marketing strategies can help you live a good life on this platform.

To take advantage of this YouTube monetization method, sign up with a niche company or affiliate program to get affiliate links for the products your viewers may want. You can then recommend these products on your channel and receive commissions on any resulting sales.


An easy way to get sales is to link the affiliate products in the video description. The more conversions you have, the more money you can make.

How To Maximize Your Income With YouTube Affiliate Marketing

  • Do keyword research with VidIQ or TubeBuddy to find topics
  • Leave the affiliate marketing link in the video description
  • Pin the first comment with an affiliate link
  • See video affiliate link
  • Add a YouTube card pointing to the affiliate link to the video

6) Product or software evaluation:

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be just physical products. You can use it for any product. For example, you can review software and products through various corporate channels in niche markets and make money with brands that are looking for presence and sale.

How to Maximize YouTube Reviews Sales

  • Do keyword research with VidIQ or TubeBuddy to find topics
  • Include links in sticky comments and video descriptions
  • If the link to the affiliate offer makes sense, use a YouTube card
  • Take a look at your links and show how the people who click on them are helping you.

Cooperation with Patronage:

Sponsorship is a great way to increase your YouTube income. As viewers and viewers grow, brands use product placement to reach out to them and create videos on their behalf. Most brands pay a lot for high-quality videos to help them achieve their business goals, and influencer marketing seems to be gaining popularity.

The key to success in this area is to use the channels as a platform to showcase skills and experience to potential contractors. This indirect monetization strategy is very effective and you need to promote yourself with the goal of finally getting accepted by paid opportunities to create videos for your brand.

How to Maximize Your Income With YouTube Sponsorship

  • Focus on high-quality videos that are comprehensive and useful
  • First, create an unpaid review. That will attract competition
  • Negotiate when contacted and request 50% upfront to protect yourself
  • Request additional products against payment

8) Selling services:

Selling services like masterminds and group counseling to your followers is another effective way to use your channel for paid opportunities. This type of monetization can be slow at first but can be very lucrative once it reaches critical mass.

How to Sell Your Services on YouTube to Maximize Your Income

  • Sales of group and telephone advice
  • Increase your price
  • Offer ready-made services and limit the number of customers to get the best prices

9) Sell products in live broadcasts:

Another way to make money from your channel is to sell your products on YouTube Livestream. This monetization strategy is particularly effective in popular niche markets like beauty and fashion. The idea here is to sell the product in bulk to live streaming viewers.

To make this even more profitable, consider creating your own products and offers that you can sell to avid viewers. You can create digital courses, e-books, or anything else your audience loves. Alternatively, you can use live stream to sell your products on Etsy, your Poshmark store, or the Shopify store (if applicable).

How to sell your products on YouTube Livestream to maximize your sales

  • Offer limited products
  • Build your product for higher returns
  • Have these types of transfers all the time
  • Provide product samples as a promotional method.
  • Use a promotional code for a limited time

10) Sell merchandising to subscribers:

One of the easiest ways to make money on YouTube is to sell items like t-shirts to your followers. This is because YouTube created its own section called Product Shelves.

How to Sell Products on YouTube to Maximize Your Income

  • There are many subscribers
  • Do you know your subscriber demographics – do they want merchandise?
  • Create a motto
  • Reasonable price
  • Use limited items

11) Live streaming and super chat:

Super Chat and Super Stickers are another great way to make money on the YouTube video platform. This is a feature that replaced YouTube’s “fan funding” in 2017. As a YouTube partner, this feature is available during live streaming.

Superchat makes it easier for viewers to see your comments. Depending on the amount paid, it will be highlighted for a certain period of time and displayed prominently in the live chat stream.

How to Maximize Your Income Using YouTube Live Streams and Super Chat

  • Encourage viewers to become channel members
  • Explain how Super Chat works and become a member (a lot of people don’t understand)
  • Promote your channel or personal brand during a live chat.

12) License of viral content to the media:

Another way to monetize YouTube videos is to license viral content to the media. The media are always looking for quality content and want to play a copy for each viewer as the video spreads through word of mouth.

The good news is that you don’t have to share viral videos with them. You can also share recent pictures that they think are newsworthy and many companies will pay you to use the video.

How to Maximize Sales with a YouTube License

  • For licensing purposes, please include the business email in the channel profile and video description.
  • Log in to Jukin Media and other video sites
  • Highlight the most successful content on your channel.

13) Use Patreon on YouTube:

Patreon is a popular online platform that provides artists and creatives with an easy place to share their work with paid viewers or “regulars”. YouTubers can leverage the power of their viewers with Patreon and make more money with YouTube videos. It could be a better place to connect with your fans than a website made with the artist’s website builder.

How to Maximize Your Income on Patreon and YouTube

  • Make sure your exclusive content is available on Patreon
  • I’ll do my best to get people onto the platform.
  • Keep your subscribers interested by regularly asking for feedback
  • Provide a hierarchy of Patreon members

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