How to Make Money on Instagram With & Without Followers

How to Make Money on Instagram With & Without Followers

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Why do you have to try to make money on Instagram?

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media apps.

In fact, it was one of the top five most downloaded apps on the App Store and Google Play in 2020. As of January 2021, it was second only to TikTok in terms of downloads. The number of active users on the platform is just as impressive. At the end of 2020, Instagram had more than 1 billion users worldwide. Here we will share ideas How to Make Money on Instagram.

What You Need to Make Money on Instagram:

There are three things you need to know about making money on Instagram. Reach, influence, and number of followers.

Scope and Influence:

The only reason companies pay Instagram users is because of the audience attention they get in return. You want to make money with these followers. Because of their time value, these brands only care about influencers with large audiences. The bigger the audience, the more money they can make.

If you only have a few hundred followers on Instagram, your potential audience will be small. It goes without saying that in such a small sample room the content will not be seen by many people and will increase sales of you and your branded products.

To get started, you need at least thousands of followers to make money.

Dedicated followers:

In fact, having more followers will boost your ego. Mathematically, it’s more likely to show up in more Instagram feeds. Having a large following doesn’t necessarily mean you are very involved, however. The ban on shadows on Instagram can lead to little or no reach.

If everyone is calm with your post, they probably won’t be inclined to buy what you advertised.

So, if your Instagram account rarely has people to comment, like, share, or follow, you are unlikely to be making a lot of money regardless of the number of followers.

On the other hand, you can make money even if you only have 1,000 followers or if your followers are actively participating in the post. The brand is ready to invest in you for the beneficial promotions that you promote through your account.

1. Become an influencer and get paid to promote your product:

Before that first strategy, let me say that this is the most common tactic for making money on Instagram.

Again, it’s not feasible for people with hundreds of followers. We need around 5,000 followers and a minimum follower with a high engagement rate.

People with this reach can earn up to 6 issues per post.

All you have to do is post photos about your interests that show your personality to help you build an attractive personal brand.

Sure, you can follow a planned marketing strategy, but Instagram followers love being true to your true self. Sharing photos and generating impact organically has the potential to bring related brands closer to you, not the other way around.

Once you meet these criteria, here is a simplified version of how to make money:

  • Create a sponsored Instagram post (can be a photo or video)
  • Add brand hashtags, mentions, or links to promote your brand.
  • You share it with your audience
  • You get paid

However, there is a caveat in this regard. Don’t look for sponsored posts just to make money without believing in the brand you are promoting. If you post too many posts like this, you will be intrigued by your viewers and they will lose trust in your brand. For example, if you are increasing your following by visiting a fast food restaurant and writing a review about fatty foods, suddenly connecting with a weight loss brand can damage your reputation.

2. Promote affiliate offers:

Promoting an affiliate offer is the same as getting paid for a sponsored post. The difference is that they don’t pay you for your publication, they only pay you when someone else buys the product or service you are promoting.

This can be positive or negative depending on the viewer. Sponsored posts guarantee revenue, but you can make even more by promoting the right affiliate offers. On the other hand, you can also be a lot less.

Becoming an affiliate on Instagram is a lot harder than running an affiliate ad on your website. Not only does it require a pitching audience, Instagram also doesn’t allow clickable links outside of your bio. The only way to promote your offer and ensure you get the next affiliate income is by using a promo code. These are traceable and can easily be added to your posts and stories. Of course, the followers have to visit the affiliate websites.


3. Start the Instagram store:

The Instagram Store enables you to integrate your e-commerce shop with your Instagram profile. This is the only way to promote your product directly to your Instagram followers via posts, stories, the Browse tab and the Stores tab in your profile.

Ecommerce store owners looking to sell on Instagram used to have a lot of friction, but now they don’t. Shopping on Instagram completely eliminates friction and enables customers to easily view products in the app and access the store with one click

Suppose you want to advertise your clothes in a clothing store. Just upload a photo of your costumed model and Instagram will allow you to tag up to 5 articles per post (up to 20 articles per carousel). You can also use stories and videos to promote your product.

I want to show you a specific Instagram page that is completely killing them.

His name is Doug Zapag. As the name suggests, it’s about the life of Doug, one of the coolest and cutest boobs on the internet.

This page records Doug’s life and takes his followers on adventures. As of August 2021, Doug the Pug had 3.9 million followers. Doug has his own book, Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture (which is pretty impressive considering what you can’t really write). It has appeared all over the country.

4. Make money from your content:

Like YouTube, you can monetize your content directly on Instagram. Try one of the following three methods.

IGTV advertising:

IGTV advertising is a great way to monetize your Instagram content. In March 2021, Instagram made advertising available to YouTubers in the US, UK and Australia. It will appear when you watch IGTV through the Creator feed.

Justin Osofsky, COO of Instagram, says YouTubers receive 55% of the advertising revenue generated by IGTV. This is the same tariff as YouTube and is a great alternative.

Live badge:

When you go live on Instagram, badges are a great way for followers to show their support. Think of them as pointers that your audience can give you as you broadcast. Viewers can purchase badges during the broadcast. Choose from three heart levels, each in a different price range (one for $ 0.99, two for $ 1.99, and three for $ 4.99).

The badge was good for the Creator. Fitness influencer @charleeatkins said: This is an easy way to convey the love you’ve already seen on your live stream and you can keep building and creating for your fans. “

Patreon and the only fan:

You don’t have to rely on the features of the Instagram platform to pay your bills. Third-party websites like Patreon and OnlyFans are another great way to make money from your content. In any case, before encouraging viewers to follow you on either of the two exclusive content platforms, it’s a good idea to offer plenty of free value on Instagram.

5. Become an Instagram coach or consultant:

If you kill it on Instagram and have a large and enthusiastic following, why not teach others to do the same and make money?

People want to know how to increase their followers and monetize them on Instagram. Ultimately, that’s why I’m writing this article. If you know how to do it and do it yourself, you can make lots of money.

6. Make money by promoting your brand indirectly:

It is not necessary to have a company directly linked to Instagram to make money from the platform. Thousands of resourceful entrepreneurs use Instagram followers to make money from other businesses. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. Instagram is a great way to spread information and generate traffic and sales.

Instagram is especially powerful when you have a physical product to show to the person who is using it. Service-oriented companies like travel agencies also work incredibly well.

Hashtags are especially important if you want to increase the reach of your Instagram account. The more followers you have, the more people will see your post and will consider using your business in the future.

7. Tell the audience and get paid:

Promoting someone else’s product through affiliate links or selling physical products through online stores are great ways to make money on Instagram.


Information products are a bit of a mess, but you don’t have to sell dating or weird nutrition tips to make money on Instagram this way. If your Instagram account is teaching your viewers how to learn a foreign language, practice yoga, or work wood, you can create a premium information product that sells for more than $ 100.

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