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5 AI Creators Worth Following

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There are two types of people talking about AI.

  1. The “AI artisans” these people harness the power of artificial intelligence to craft marvellous creations, and then generously unveil their secrets. Their creations serve a purpose beyond sheer fascination, aiming to fulfil business objectives and deliver a tangible return on investment. Like skilled artisans, they craft intricate AI frameworks, unravel complex problems, and generously invite others to learn and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape of possibilities.
  2. The self-proclaimed “AI pundits” these people roam the digital realm, exclaiming their expertise and inundating us with endless threads on the 99 AI tools one must adopt not to get left behind. These digital oracles captivate us with pompous prompts of untapped potential, promising miraculous transformations and the keys to technological salvation. However, in the midst of their captivating stories, what you’ll find missing is a practical roadmap and tangible results.

Choose to follow creators who embody the former approach, rather than the latter.

Here are 5 people worth following:

Allie Miller

Allie Miller is a prominent figure in the realm of artificial intelligence, renowned for her leadership, advisory roles, and investments in the field. Prior to her tenure at Amazon (AWS), Allie held the esteemed position of global head of machine learning business development for startups and venture capital within the company. Her expertise and guidance have influenced and propelled numerous pioneering machine learning researchers and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Mike Yan

The remarkable co-founder and CEO of ManyChat, the renowned messenger marketing platform that reigns supreme worldwide. Undeterred by multiple rejections from Y Combinator in 2015, Mike’s unwavering determination to revolutionize the industry remained steadfast. Today, ManyChat empowers businesses (over 2 million) to engage in marketing, sales, and support activities effortlessly across popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Ryan Dearlove

The founder of Chit Chat, a niche agency that helps businesses transform their social messaging channels into powerful marketing and customer support tools using their expertise in messaging automation, chat marketing, AI, and click-to-message ads. He’s helped international food brands create virtual connoisseurs and worked with leading franchises to create tailored conversational experiences on messaging channels people use every day.

Josh Barkin

Meet Josh, a seasoned tech founder with a strong focus on product development and a remarkable six-year journey in the field of conversational AI. Behind the scenes, Josh is the mastermind behind, an ingenious AI assistant designed to seamlessly incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your customer experiences.

Lex Fridman

Meet this esteemed AI researcher who hosts a widely acclaimed podcast, engaging in conversations with the industry’s foremost heavyweights in the fields of AI and ML. On his active Twitter feed, he shares not only links to these insightful podcasts but also a diverse range of engaging content. With a focus on autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction, and machine learning, Fridman is currently making remarkable contributions to these domains at MIT.

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