Aptoide APK- Download Aptoide App APK [Latest Version]

Introduction About Aptoide APK

APK stands for the android package, and the name Aptoide is a combination of two words ‘Apt’ and ‘oid.’ “Apt’ is the Debian package manager, and “oid” is the last alphabet of “androids.” The android operating system uses this package for the installation and distribution of mobile apps and middleware. For the applications of the Android operating system and mobile application, Aptoide is a marketplace. Aptoide app is useful for android users and is easy to manage. Aptoidde APK files act as analogous to other software packages for instance

  • As a Debian package in Debian-based operating systems
  • As APPX in Microsoft Windows

Download Aptoide App Apk Latest Version Android, Windows, iOS

Download Aptoide App

When someone thinks of another store than Google play store, then he/she can download Aptoide. The Aptoide app has various versions. These multiple versions are available in the market. These versions include Aptoide VR children’s devices, Aptoide for smartphones and tablets, and Aptoide TV. Aptoide APK is an app that is an alternative to the google play store and works exactly like it. You can get many applications for nothing on the Aptoide App, that is why it is called Gangsta form of play store. On the Google play store, some apps show premium, and some are available free. On Aptoide APK, you can get most of the apps for free.

Aptoide for Android-Download Aptoide App Android

Aptoide for Android

Best in the market for Android Users. Aptoide for Android released its latest version on 3rd July 2018. We need a store or location to access the android app, for now, we call it open source. The APK is provided you can just download the Aptoide APK Android and then install it. After installing you can then download apps of your likes and enjoy the Aptoide app.

Aptoide for PC-Download Aptoide App PC

Aptoide for PC

For the apps and tech lovers, Aptoide for PC is the best app in the market. Using the Aptoide TV app you can use premium and free apps. Aptoide app protects your laptop or PC from a different type of virus and threat. This is the best app for android users. It has a lot of benefits and gets to download a lot of premium apps.

Aptoide for IOS-Download Aptoide App IOS 


Aptoide for IOS is the top and recommended App for you. With this app, you can download and use premium apps. So here we have listed all the info needed to download and install App.

The reality behind Aptoide APK

The original developers do not publish all the apps on the Aptoide that are unpaid on this app. In fact, these apps are posted by those who pay for the original app. Those who get these apps from another source also upload these apps on Aptoide.

You can download some exciting apps free of cost. You don’t have to pay any charges for these apps, but in the Google play store, it is you have to pay some fees on some apps after creating the account. When the app is downloaded from Aptoide, only Aptoide APK is downloaded. You just have to install Aptoide APK.

Is Aptoide APK safe?

Aptoide app is 100 percent safe, but its downloads are infected with malware. Aptoide APK allows you to find and install the apps in a safe, exciting, and secure way.

It is safe to download the apps from Aptoide APK. Apps from Play Store are downloaded by websites such as Apkpure, APK-dl, and APK mirror and then upload the APKs on their websites.

Fastest Growing

From the last four years, the user base is grown by Aptoide App steadily. For the Android operating systems, Aptoide APK is available. You can download many apps from Aptoide. It has various numbers of users and is an open-source platform.

Aptoide APK system

In terms of security factors, every Aptoide store has an anti-malware policy that is available to filter and scan the content. To protect the systems from external threats and keep the records updated Aptoide APK system tries to improve the experience for the users.

To protect the system from malicious attacks Aptoide community has several developers.

Why Aptoide APK?

The latest version of Aptoide for android in launched in 2018. To access the android app, we need some kind of store that store is open source. By using an open protocol based on XML, the interaction and communication between the client and server are done.

If you are a person who loves apps and technologies, then Aptoide for PC is a complete marketplace for you. It is the latest freemium apps as Aptoide TV gives you with its services at free of cost. It protects the PC or laptop from external threats. The trendiest technology that is entering the market is kept updated to you by this app.

Is Aptoide a virus?

Aptoide APK is not a virus. It does not produce any virus on your PC or mobiles. Aptoide is an Android application store that lets you install any app on your device. In the past, many apps had malware problems that become the cause of this doubt that Aptoide has a virus. To avoid any security problems, the Aptoide makes many efforts to check and analyze all the software that the user can download. This way gives a reliable and safe image to Aptoide users to download secure applications to smartphones and tablets.

Is Aptoide malware?

Aptoide is not malware. These doubts about Aptoide is not a fact. This doubt is because, in the past, some of the applications contained certain types of malware. The Aptoide system has differentiated the apps hosted by Aptoide and Aptoide itself.

Are APK files illegal?

It is a fact that Google owns Android, but anyone can download applications from alternative markets stores or web pages because it is not forbidden. Aptoid APK is legal, but some APK services should be avoided and are illegal because that lets you download pirated apps.

In the past, North American companies tried to prevent the free installation of Aptoide. But the developers reported Google to the European Commission in 2014.

Cause of doubts

  1. The doubt that its illegal is because every user can manage their store. Which means that they can share protected paid content for free. This problem is resolved now by keeping the charge of the store.
  2. Another reason for the doubt is that in the past, some malware problems raised in downloading some apps from Aptoide. This problem is also resolved by keeping a closer eye on all the software uploaded to the platform.

Aptoide VIP

Aptoid VIP provides you more advanced features and gives you more extra activities. Without paying any code, you can get additional activities. The best alternative of Google Play store is Android VIP. You can get all the content in one place.

Advantages of Aptoide App

The various benefits of this app are as follow:

Effortless Downloading

You can easily download any app by first downloading the APK of the app. After this, you can execute the installation process. Aptoide and its various versions are useful for those who don’t earn anything. You can get the app for free.

Various Categories

Aptoide premium app provides you different categories of apps. These apps are offered free of cost.

Not Bounded

In the Google play store, you have restrictions to access the complete package. Aptoide has functionalities and benefits without any bound. You can access it without having any limits.

The other various advantages of Aptoid APK are as follow:

  • Uses procurable stamps for users.
  • The downgrade feature is available in Aptoide.
  • Users can manage their own stores.
  • The publishing program is also present.
  • It provides a partnership program.
  • An open-source version for developers is offered by it.
  • Forty languages support.
  • It gives you a malware-free ecosystem.
  • Attractive and simple user interface.

Features of Aptoide App

Multiple version

You can get the latest version of an app, but you have to reaccess the previous version, then they can download it. Aptoide app provides you many apps.


Users don’t need a third party; they can share any app with another user. Aptoide apps are easily shareable.

Account creation

You should have a Gmail account to access and download any app from the Google play store. No app can be downloaded if you don’t have any Gmail account. But Aptoide APK doesn’t need any Gmail account to download apps from it.

Updating and downgrading

You can get the new version of the application by quickly updating the app. If the latest version doesn’t suit you or your mobile, you can go back to the old version by downgrading.

User interface

Aptoide has a beautiful and straightforward interface. You just have to tap to get your app downloaded.


Users can manage their retail android store with partners if they want. It is the unique feature of the Aptoide partnership program

Easily uploaded

If you are an app developer, you can upload any app on Aptoide without having any type of difficulty.


User can publish their apps to gain popularity on Aptoide because it has published program

Comparison between Aptoide and Google play store


Google play store has more demand than Aptoide because most users don’t know the Aptoide app. There are fewer numbers of the user of the Aptoide app while there are more users of the Aptoide app.


Google play store has millions of users all over the world, but as compare to Google Play store Aptoide App has nearly 100 million users around the globe.


Google play store and Aptoide both are safe and secure. But there are many apps of Aptoide that are not cracked apps.

Variety of Apps

Several apps are available on both the Google play store and Aptoide. But as compared to Google play store, Aptoide has some apps that are not available on the Google play store.


The above article will make you clear if you have any questions in your mind about Aptoide. It is explained how you can use it. Aptoide app has many advantages, and it is legal. If you have any questions about the safety of this app, then it is explained above that this app is saved, and the reasons are also defined. The developers keep the charge on it to check and analyze that it is working correctly, and no malware is occurring. You can install, uninstall, and update the very easily. Aptoide detects the virus, and after identifying the virus, it informs about the non-validation of the app.