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Aptoide APK Free Download – Latest Aptoide 2019-20

Introduction about Aptoide APK Free download 

You can install the mobile applications of your android system using Aptoide. Aptoide apk is a market place where you can download the aptoide apk for free. It is a software “marketplace” application. Each user can manage their store, unlike the Google play store. The company that publishes this software package is Aptoide S.A. This company is in Lisbon, Portugal.

Aptoide is written in java and is available in multilingual. Its initial release date is 17 November 2009. The platforms that offer this area, Android-x86. The official website of aptoide apk is en.aptoide.com. Aptoide app is easy to manage and install. For android users, it is beneficial. Aptoide APK files are analogous to other software packages.

Aptoide apk app has several versions; for example, Aptoide TV is an Aptoide for smartphones and tablets, Aptoide VR and Aptoide Kids is an edition for smart TVs and STBs.

Download Aptoide Android app or Aptoide apk

It is not difficult to download or install the apps using aptoide apk. The most common ways by which you can download the aptoide apk on your android are as follow:

Install Aptoide From a built-in web browser, 

A web browser is an easy and quick way to install Aptoide apk for free. By following the steps below, you can install an aptoide apk with a web browser.


  • You have to use your Android device’s built-in web browser to visit the page
  • You can install it by clicking on the install button
  • Firstly you have to locate the downloaded Aptoide app
  • Then you can click to start the install
  • After this your Aptoide app installs on your Android device

You can Install AptoideTV available on the page. If you have low-end running devices, you can install Aptoide lite. For the people using a Tablet can install Tablet Version

Install Aptoide installer

If you don’t want to download aptoide apk using the inbuilt browser because of any issue, you can do it by installing an aptoide driver. You can download aptoide apk for free by clicking on the Aptoide installer and can enjoy using Aptoide on any Android device in seconds. These following steps will help you with it:


  • Firstly. you have to download Aptoide installer or Aptoide installer lite, or you can also download the Tablet Version Aptoide Installer
  •  You have to copy the download Aptoide Installer to a USB or SD card
  • After that connect the USB or SD card to your device
  •  To find you can use file browser and install the Aptoide app
  •  After this, you are successful in installing Aptoide with the Aptoide Installer.

Account registration

To get benefit fully from the apps of aptoide apk, you need to register an account after downloading the aptoide apk. As soon as you register the account, you will notice the changes immediately as it scans the library of apps. You will get every update that is available in your library after registering your account. It offers so many updates that it will shock you because you would not have thought about it. You can get the updates automatically. If you feel the update is not necessary and useful for you, then there is an option to uninstall updates.

Aptoide apk

Android apk lets you download and install paid and free apps for Android devices. The best alternative to Google play store is Aptoide apk IOS store. This app store allows other users to upload the applications instead of hosting android apps themselves. You can get many apps that are discontinued from the Google Play Store here. Aptoide apk store is easy to use, and you can download and install the aptoide on your devices easily.

Free download paid Apps using Aptoide

You can download the paid apps for free using Aptoide apk securely. To download the apps for free using aptoide apk, you need to follow the below steps:


Firstly, you have to open the web browser on your Android device. After opening, navigate to the URL m.aptoide.com.

Step: 2

To download and install Aptoide from the APK file, you need to click on the Install button.

Step :3

To download and install the app, the Package Manager is present there. A menu pops up there to ask you to select an app if you have alternative applications associated with application (.apk) files. If you do have an alternative, then select the Package Manager in this case.

Step: 4

After step 3, you need to open up the Aptoide App Store. If you like, you can add a store by clicking the option to add a store to your collection.


To search the particular app, you have to tap on the Search icon on the top right corner. Type the name of the required app on the search icon and hit Enter. In case you don’t find your desired app in the search results, you can tap on the Search More button. It will bring more results in a browser page.


After selecting the particular app, click OK on the dialog box that appears prompting you to confirm the app installation.


There will come a sign to add the particular app repository. There is no need to do it, but if you want, you can add it.


Finally, the Package Manager now installs the app to your device. Click OK to finish the installation and enjoy your app.


Aptoide apk is an alternative store to Google play store. You can download the apps for your Android devices for free. There are a lot of apps that are discontinued from the Google play store. You can download and easily install apps by following the above steps mentioned in the article. The above steps help you to download the apps quickly. Aptoide apk store has several versions for several devices like smartphones, tablets, and childer devices.


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