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Aptoide APK 5.1 2 Free Download

If you are searching for Aptoide APK 5.1 2 free download version, then there is nothing to worry about as we got you covered. Just follow along the article to learn more about Aptoide and Aptoide APK 5.1 2 free download version.

What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is an alternative version of Google Play Store, It does not require registration, and its more than 300,000 apps and updates install instantly.

Aptoide is a software that is used to install mobile applications that run on the Android operating system. In Aptoide, there is not an exceptional and centralized store, unlike the Android-default google play store; instead, each user manages their store.

Thousands of apps

Aptoide is not just a store for individual apps. Instead, it has several stores inside it; that is, any user can create its app store. Moreover, we could filter the store by defining categories. It is doubtful for someone to fail in finding a specific app that they are looking for in the Aptoide store. Since it includes several stores inside a single-store you could find anything ranging from cell phone brands and models to stores that have their games and wallpapers etc.

Managing Updates and Roll-back action

One of the significant features that the Aptoide app offers is the roll-back action. The Aptoide stores install apps and manage their updates, as well. But if you are not satisfied with an upgrade, you can easily roll-back to the previous version of the app by using the roll-back action.

Aptoide apk 5.1 2  

The 5.1 2 version of the Aptoide store offers great features, some of which are as given below:

Better performance

This version of the app is generally better than the previously available versions. This version of the app is also one of the popular of all the versions.

New Interface

The interface of the app is also updated and is quite intuitive and interactive. And the app offers a better user experience.

Editor’s choice Categories

There is also an editor’s choice categories in the Aptoide APK 5.1 2 free download version.


The roll-back feature is the ability, Aptoide provides its users to switch to the previous version of a specific app if they are not satisfied with the updated version of the app.

Search Widget

The search widget is also one of the features of this app.

Choose from multiple stores.

Since there are multiple stores, so you could choose a specific app from numerous different stores, the one that suits your requirements.

Make your internal applications available in a private Store.

One of the excellent ability of the Aptoide APK 5.1 2 app is that you can create your store. Hence, you can make your internal applications available for other users, as well.

Reach a larger audience

Although there are many apps available in their store. But, building and then uploading your application on the Aptoide store makes it convenient for a large number of audience. Thus, you can have the right amount of reach through the Aptoide APK 5.1 2 versions.

Integrate your account with android

In the previous version of the app that is available, it was not possible to integrate your account with android. But in the 5.1 2 versions of the app, it is of no incapability anymore.

Aptoide APK 5.1 2 free download

System Requirement

There is no die-hard requirement of the app to install on an individual device. Most importantly, it is available for several devices and requires 7mb of storage to install in your device.


It is difficult to find this version of the app on the official web page of the store, but given below is the link through which you can download the 5.1 2 versions of the app.

Moreover, there are many other versions of the app that are available. To download newer versions of the app use the official link of the site that is given below

How to install Aptoide APK 5.1 2 free download version

Once the app is downloaded, open the Aptoide APK installer; the user is to require to follow the steps that are shown below to make the app install on the device.

  • First of all, go to the settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Open the installer and now follow along the installer to install your app.

The installation is not accessible through google play.

Searching applications through Aptoide Store

One of the great features of Aptoide is that the user can add many different stores in respect to the basic store. An app available from different stores. Aptoide retrieves the list of the applications when we add a store using the URL. To find a claim the user can search for it on the Aptoide app or search on the Internet for other stores.

Installing applications through Aptoide store

  • Initiation of the Aptoide Store application will take you to Aptoide’s front page. Here you will find the most popular apps, as well as new exciting applications added to Aptoide.
  • Next tap on the magnifying glass to open the search bar
  • Search for the app that you are looking for and then install the app on your device.

Before tapping ‘Install,’ check that the publisher is correct. Otherwise, you might get an application that is not dependable. In the poorest case, it can be some exploitation attempt.

Installing the previous version of the apps

To install the last version of some apps follows the steps mentioned below:

  • Browse the page of the application.
  • Click on the “Related” tab, and see the versions listed under the “Multiversion” heading.
  • You should select the version of your interest. That takes you to the download page of the said application version. Then confirm by pressing “Downgrade”:


Aptoide is generally the right choice as a replacement for the Google app store.

Moreover, Aptoide APK 5.1 2 version offers many intuitive features to increase the ease of user experience. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available on the Aptoide store available to download. Moreover, we can even subscribe to different stores within the Aptoide store to increase our search results. Lastly, the 5.1 2 version has many new features that make it distinct from all of the previous versions.

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