Aptoide 6.5 3 apk

Aptoide 6.5 3 APK Download for Android

Aptoide 6.5 3 APK download

Aptoide is a free application that allows you to download and apps of all types and categories along with Android games. This open Android store will permit you to discover the most popular applications and Android games in a natural way. Besides, there are no limitations on downloads through the store, which makes it a competitor to Google’s Play Store. Follow along with this article for more information on aptoide its features, how to Aptoide 6.5 3 apk download, along with the download link.

Aptoide APP

Aptoide is a third-party application store that is a competitor to the Google Play Store. It is used by android users all over the world. Aptoide has thousands of applications across different categories and has a good community of users that shares reviews of apps.

It is available in almost 12 different languages, and users can also upload self-developed applications on the Aptoide store. It is an excellent store for installing and downloading apps.

Advantage of Aptoide apk over other app Stores

Aptoide is the most popular alternative to the official App Store. The reason that it is one of the most used choices for the app store is that it is free does not require any login and registration. It has thousands of apps that are being updated regularly and more, and more apps are becoming a part of the aptoide store, as the number of users is increasing. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it exciting to use.

Aptoide 6.5 3 apk download Features

Free apps

Using aptoide 6.5 3 apk, you can get every app for free without having to spend a single penny. Alternatively, in the Google Play Store, there are some apps that you have to pay to get access to them.

No need for Registration

Unlike the Google Play Store, you don’t have to register to download and install apps. You only have to open the store and download whatever you want without worrying about the initial procedures.

Thousands of apps

Aptoide is not just a store for individual apps. Instead, it has several stores inside it; that is, any user can create its app store. Moreover, we could filter the store by defining categories. It is doubtful for someone to fail in finding a specific app that they are looking for in the aptoide store. Since it includes several stores inside a single-store, you could find anything ranging from cell phone brands and models to stores that have their games and wallpapers, etc.

Multiple Languages

The aptoide store is available in more than 40 different languages, which makes it accessible to users all around the world to get access to it.


The apps downloaded directly from the Aptoide store are updated automatically. So, you do not have to worry yourself with manually searching for updates and installing them.

Roll-Back action

Although the Aptoide store itself manages updates, you can easily roll-back to the previous versions of an app if you are not satisfied with the new version.


Aptoide has an excellent search engine to find apps, present in the store.

Check for recommended apps

You can search for recommended and most popular apps in the Aptoide’s unique timeline.

Parental Controls

There is also a site for apps with adult content. Its parental control and visibility are easily controlled from the settings.

Share apps

You can easily share apps with your friends without even having a wifi-connection.

Interacting with other users

You can rate, comment, share apps with other people as well. It helps to build a community through which everyone can benefit.

Aptoide 6.5 3 apk download

To download and install aptoide 6.5 3 follow the following steps:

Downloading the app

  • Go to the official webpage of aptoide, to download the 6.5 3 versions of aptoide.
  • If you can not find the target version of the aptoide directly on the page.
  • There is an option to view the previous version of the app and download it.
  • Search for the 6.5 3 versions and download them.

Installing the app

  • Firstly go to settings and allow them to install from unknown sources.
  • Next, open the downloaded apk of aptoide 6.5 3, and install the store.
  • After installation, now you can open the aptoide store and install and enjoy the apps of your choice.

System Requirements

There is no specific requirement for downloading the aptoide apk; It just requires 7mb of space.

Downloading apps through aptoide

  • Launch the Aptoide Store; you will see the front page of the aptoide store. Here, you will see the most popular apps and recently added apps by the aptoide. You can easily download and install the app from this page if you like any.
  • Otherwise, to find any specific app, there is a magnifying glass on the search widget. Click on that magnifying glass and type the app that you are searching for, press enter to let aptoide take you to another page.
  • Now, you would see multiple apps displayed to you, find the one with good ratings and reviews.
  • Before tapping ‘Install,’ check that the publisher is correct. Otherwise, you might get an application that is not authentic. In the worst case, it can be some exploitation attempt.

Installing the previous version of the apps

To download an earlier version of an app, in case you do not like the latest version of the app. It can be done quickly by using the Roll-back action of the aptoide.

  • Once you are on the page where information of the app is displayed, there is an option for related tabs, tap it
  • Now you can see the versions listed under the “Multiversion heading.
  • Tap on the version of your interest; this will take you to the download page.
  • Tap install to install the app on your device.


Aptoide apk 6.5 3 is readily available for download, install the app to enjoy the apps of your choices without having much to free. Aptoide is safe to use, but make sure to check the verification badge before each app before downloading from the aptoide store. The verification badge appears as a green color tick. Also, try to read the reviews and ratings before downloading any app.

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