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Android APK Download – Download APK Apps on Aptoide

Introduction about Aptoide APK

APK stands for the android package, and the name Aptoide is a combination of two words ‘Apt’ and ‘old.’ The android operating system uses this package for the installation and distribution of mobile apps and middleware. You can easily download APK through different websites. For the applications of the Android operating system and mobile application, Aptoide is a marketplace. Aptoide app is useful for android users and is easy to manage. Aptoidde APK files act as analogous to other software packages for instance 

  • As a Debian package in Debian-based operating systems
  • As APPX in Microsoft Windows

When someone thinks of another store than Google play store, then you can download Aptoide. The Aptoide app has various versions. These multiple versions are available in the market. These versions include Aptoide VR children’s devices, Aptoide for smartphones and tablets, and Aptoide TV. Aptoide APK is an app that is an alternative to the google play store and works exactly like it. On the Google play store, some apps show premium, and some are available free. On Aptoide APK, you can get most of the apps for free.

Where can I download Android APK?

Everyone wants to ensure that the website they are using is safe and reliable. The sites from where you can download the apps safely are as follow:

  • APK Mirror

One of the most popular sites for downloading APK files is APK Mirror. The team that’s responsible for the widely read Android news site Android Police owned this site. This team assures that you’re in safe hands. APK Mirror has robust policies for a security standpoint. The policies are as follow:

  • Before publishing, the staff verifies all APKs uploaded to the site.
  •  To ensure the right developers signed them, the site matches cryptographic signatures for new versions with previous versions of apps.
  • To verify the legitimacy of apps, brand-new apps gets compare against older apps from the same developer.

You will not find any pirated apps or paid apps on the site because APK Mirror doesn’t publish the file until its validity is not verified. After installing the app from APK Mirror on your device, it will upgrade to the latest version automatically if it receives an update from Google Play.

  • APK Pure

APK Mirror and APK Pure were launched around the same time. These two sites are the competitor of each other. Both of the sites ensure security. They make sure that the apps you download are safe and virus-free.

Before publishing, the legitimacy of all apps is verified by APK Pure. To ensure the certificate is safe, it proves it by using SHA1. The new version of the app should have the same cryptographic signatures as previously published versions if there is no old version than the entirely new apps are matched with software from the same developer.

If there’s any doubt about the security of an app APK Pure won’t publish it on the site. Screenshots, app descriptions, and general metadata are taken directly from Google by APK Pure. If you want to get the old version back, then there’s a list of previous app releases.

There is an Android app available on APK Pure. To install this app, you need to sideload the app. It can act as a replacement for Google Play once it’s up and running.

  • APK Store

In real, after APK Pure and APK Mirror, there is no need for any other site. But as a caution some other sites options have been discussed that are as follow:

The first of them is APK Store, which was named APK Downloader before. You can be confident in all APKs because they are pulled from the Google Play Store. If you wish, you can avoid Google Play entirely as there’s also plenty of metadata.

  • Aptoide APK 

Another full APK downloading world is Aptoide. Aptoide is responsible for six billion downloads. The users of this site are more than 200 million. This site also offers you an Android app. You can download APK files directly from your Android device as it lets you access the store like APK Pure. To increase the revenue share, among other uses, the site has its token, which is called App Coins.

This APK site is not on the top list because it allows users to manage their stores. They are well signaled, but in case you didn’t pay attention, you might download the APK file by accident.

  •  Yalp Store

Yalp Store is not like the other apps on this site. There’s no web version of this store. F-Droid, which itself is one of the best alternatives to Google play store, is needed to be installed.

You can download APKs directly from the Google Play Store after installing the Yalp Store app on your Android device. Your apps will be updated automatically in the background if you have rooted your device. You don’t need to have a Google account to download the APKs from Google Play if you are using this store.

  • Aptoide Android

Aptoide for Android

One of the best alternatives to Google play is Aptoide. You can get millions of apps and games for free is you have an Android app store.

Users mostly use the official Google Play store to download applications to our smartphone or tablet. The reason is that it’s already installed by default on our phone.

If you don’t want to use Google store for any reason, you can go for many other stores like Aptoide Android. Like if you have bought an unknown Chinese phone, you can download other stores in it that are comparable and are as good as the Google Play store.

An alternative Android market that stands up to Mob genie.

Aptoide APK is one of the strongest alternatives to the Play Store. This allows your developers to offer their products by creating their app stores. You can get millions of applications in APK format for free.

How do I download an APK file on Android?

It’s really easy to install this app on your smartphone. You can download APK through its official website or the download link. it can also be downloaded from this alternative store just after downloading the application. You don’t need to signup or login for using it. Some added advantages are provided with creating a free account.

Easier to use.

After opening the app, you can start browsing through its millions of applications. You can get the app on your smartphone by just clicking a single button of install. To be able to make the most of all these applications, you have to enable the option that allows the installation from unknown sources.

Where can I download cracked APK?

There are many websites on the internet that fake the users by typing HACK & MOD In their title. But there are many other websites where you can get the cracked version of the app for Android. If you’re looking for paid apps or games for free, you should visit these sites.

Best sites to download cracked APK

Following are the best sites to download the cracked APK:


This site lets you download premium cracked APKs for Android. You can download the cracked apps directly from the site without any issues. You can easily download the current trending APKs for free.

2-Moded APK

These are the few best thing about this website:-

  • Simple and catchy design.
  • QR code service
  • Fast file release for updates.
  • No spam at all.
  • A wide range of apps including old files
  • Simple and perfect application description.
  • Responding comment section.


On, you can download the Android Games, Apps, Hacks (Mods) for free. You can get the cracked APK from this site.

4-Rexdl site

Another best site to download cracked mode Android apps and games is Rexdl. you can also download free android pro apps from this site

5-GetAPK site

Amazing Features

  • This site is simple to use. You will not get any issue in downloading.
  • You can download apps you want to use directly and can keep it and install it later.
  • There are a variety of categories available in the APK Market. You can select the app of your category.
  • The latest version is automatically appears
  • Without Bluetooth or any other third party app, you can directly share the app with anyone.

There are some other sites where you can download the cracked APK files for free. These sites provide you the security and safety and are as follow:


7-APKMB Website Link


9-APK Real

10- APK Pure


There are many best apps from where you can download the APK. APK Pure and APK Mirror are the best sites. You can easily install the apps and use them afterward.


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